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Byron Hutchinson, DPM - Flatfoot Reconstruction with Foot Innovate

Flatfoot Reconstruction – Strategies to Address Flexible to Rigid and use of the NC Fusion

Thomas P San Giovanni, MD - The Phantom® Lapidus Nail with Foot Innovate

The Phantom® Lapidus Nail

Pablo Wagner, MD and Emilio Wagner, MD - PROMO™ Technique & Rationale with Foot Innovate

PROMO Technique and Rationale

Patrick Yoon, mD - Small Bone Fracture and Fixation Strategies with Foot Innovate

Small Bone Fractures & Fixation Strategies

Douglas Blacklidge, DPM FACFAS - Flexor Tendon Transfers - A Novel Solution with Foot Innovate

Flexor Tendon Transfers – TenoTac® – A Novel Solution

Karl Dunn, DPM - Flexible Hammertoes: TenoTac® with Foot Innovate

Flexible Hammertoes – TenoTac®

Byron Hutchinson, DPM - Strategies for Addressing a TTC & TC Arthrodesis using Hindfoot nails with Foot Innovate

TTC and TC Arthrodesis using Hindfoot Nails

Lee Hlad, DPM - The Charcot Foot Webinar Jan 11, 2021

The Charcot Foot

Douglas Blacklidge, DPM training on Gorilla® Lateral Column Plating System for Foot Innovate

Lateral Column Plating System