Paragon 28® Mobile Lab

“The mobile lab program has proven to be a versatile option to showcase P28’s broad and innovative product portfolio which includes new solutions in the growing forefoot, HAV, and hindfoot market segments.”
— Albert DaCosta, CEO and Co-Founder

Paragon 28® Mobile Lab

Paragon 28 Mobile Education provides a multi-use 8 station integrated surgical lab offering a mobile operating room experience. Allowing our guests, the best hands-on training that Paragon 28 has to offer.

Through our Mobile Education program, we take our products and procedures directly to surgeons, placing the tools they need to do their job directly in their hands.

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What is Mobile Medical Education?

Paragon 28® Mobile Education is redefining the way medical professionals receive training by offering a truly immersive mobile operating room experience. Our state-of-the-art double-expandable trailer is not your typical classroom—it’s a cutting-edge surgical lab on wheels, designed to provide an all-encompassing learning environment.

With the capacity to accommodate up to 20 attendees at a time, our mobile lab ensures that learning is both interactive and hands-on. What sets us apart is our self-contained unit, equipped with its own power source, enabling us to conduct cadaveric lab training for multiple days at a stretch. This means you can delve deep into surgical techniques, practice procedures, and refine your skills without the constraints of a traditional, fixed training location.

Paragon 28® Mobile Education is paving the way for a new era of medical education, offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience for healthcare professionals eager to excel in their field. Join us on the road to surgical excellence!

  • Paragon 28® specialized lab tech support

  • Six surgical stations

  • Paragon 28® Patient Specific Talus Spacer (PSI) and External Fixation (ExFix) station

  • Disior pre-operative software station

  • FNA-exclusive comprehensive portfolio

  • Four mini c-arms, power, general surgical instrumentation

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