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We are now offering the unique opportunity to be on our Surgeon Finder for our patient-facing website for the following systems: Phantom® MISPrecision® MIS Bunion System

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*The surgeon information listed in the Surgeon Finder is provided for informational purposes only and does not represent an endorsement or warranty of any particular surgeon. The database does not include an exhaustive list of all surgeons within a particular geographic area or all surgeons who use/have used a Paragon 28® product. Only those who have expressly subscribed to be listed on the site and are confirmed to be either Paragon 28® trained and/or experienced are included. These are the only criteria for inclusion. Paragon 28® does not pay a fee or any other type of remuneration for participation. Choice of surgeon should be solely based upon a patient’s own investigation of a particular surgeon’s training, education, experience and reputation.

For the contraindications, potential complications and adverse reactions, warnings and precautions associated with this device, please refer to the device specific instructions for use here.